Service Propositions

As your life changes, so do your financial goals. Getting married, moving home, having a family and approaching retirement are just some of the key stages that have an impact on your financial circumstances and needs. Frequent changes to legislation and market conditions may also have an affect so a financial plan can become outdated
surprisingly quickly.
That is why many people choose to appoint Lighthouse Platinum Wealth Management Ltd as their long-term financial advisers they want to know that an expert financial adviser is keeping an eye on their financial arrangements and is available when required. One of our core objectives is to seek and deserve long-term relationships with clients and fellow professionals.
Once your initial recommendations have been implemented we will ask you to choose the type of service you would like us to provide in the future. Most finanicial planning will
benefit from periodic review but the option you choose is likely to depend on the value of your investments, the number and type of holdings, and your objectives,
timeframes and personal preference. We offer two service options:


Please see our Client Proposition document.