LynnlawsLynn Laws

I joined a large Canadian life insurance Company in 1983 where I met and worked with Nick in a local branch office. We have been good friends ever since.

After having my first son, I took a career break and tried other things including running my own very successful children’s clothing business for 10 years. I started working with Nick again at Lighthouse Platinum Wealth Management in 2004 as his PA, initially on an ad-hoc basis but quickly found our growing business demanded more of my time so moved across permanently.

Married to Martin with three children, two of whom are making their own way in the world and a new addition to our family, Harry born in 2009.

Life is very busy as a working Mum but when I have the time, my passions are dancing, walking and gardening.  I am a Parish Councillor for the village where I live, a post I took up in May 2015 and I also belong to a local fundraising group who raise money to benefit the children of our village.